Planting ice herb - how it's done

Planting ice herb - how it's done

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If you want to plant ice herb but don't know exactly how to do it, this is the place for you. We'll tell you what to look out for.

Ice herb looks very great

Ice herb was very well known to our grandmothers. Especially since its enormously long harvest time - depending on the climate zone from April to September - guaranteed a fresh menu at all times. The taste of the ice herb is described as slightly salty to sour, pleasantly refreshing, but also similar to that of spinach. Therefore, the leaves of the ice herb can be eaten not only as a salad, but also as a vegetable plant.

Incidentally, the ice herb got its name from its appearance. Because its fleshy leaves are all around and on the undersides with optically similar to the water crystals drops (Salt deposits) occupied.

Planting ice herb - how it's done


The Icicle is actually a perennial (creeping plant), but in our latitudes it can only be grown every year. You should choose a particularly sunny location for this. The ice herb grows particularly well, e.g. in rock gardens. (Link tip: The right plants for the rock garden)

" Tip:

Icicle does not tolerate cold, which is why it can sometimes only be applied after the ice saints. At the same time, sow the seeds finely at a large distance, press them lightly into the soil and cover them again minimally with soil.

In colder areas you can also grow the seeds in advance in cactus soil on the window sill. After the ice saints, you then have to use the little plants directly outdoors.

When choosing a location, you should also make sure that humus, but as dry as possible soil conditions prevail. Otherwise there is a strong risk of putrefaction for the ice herb. You should also mix the soil of the garden bed with enough sand.


Allow time for the ice herb to grow, small, intense pink flowers will form. These in turn contain seeds with which you can sow ice herb again in the coming year - simply remove the black seeds for this purpose and keep them dry.

The snail is a natural enemy of all lettuce plants - this also applies to ice herb. You can combat these in a conventional way, e.g. with snail grain, beer traps, etc. (link tip: prevent snails - 3 tips)


You should always harvest ice cabbage as shortly before consumption as possible to keep it fresh. Simply cut the leaves with a sharp knife. The plant forms new shoots at this point within a very short time.

" Tip:

Ice cabbage leaves should definitely be prepared with a lemon vinegrette and onions as a salad. It tastes wonderful! You can also use the herb as a garnish for buffet platters, menu plates, etc. Steamed for a short time, you can also prepare the ice cabbage similarly to spinach.

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