Garden balls: 5 models presented

Garden balls: 5 models presented

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Garden balls are currently a must-have among garden decoration items. We would therefore like to present five such models to you here.

Nice eye-catcher: garden balls

The garden lover used to find brightly colored garden balls only in the country. Here especially in the cottage gardens. The reason for this was easy to find. Their colors, which reflect optimally in sunlight, were used to deter greedy birds. Thanks to the garden balls, the harvest of the in-house fruits was at least spared from this danger from the air.

Today colorful garden balls made of plastic, glass, natural stones, stainless steel, plaster, metal and clay are offered. Different sizes, modern play of colors and often also provided with decorative accessories - so they allow a great variety of designs in the garden, but also on terraces and balconies. In this way we would like to introduce five different models of such garden balls to you in more detail.

Garden balls: 5 models presented

Model No. 1 - glass garden balls:

For many garden owners, the glass garden ball is probably the most beautiful variant, which is why it is preferred to be found in modern garden areas. Mouth-blown glass balls are offered today with a fascinating color gradient (e.g. here) and are an absolute eye-catcher.

" Tip:

Mouth-blown glass balls are often also available in specialist stores in the form of drops and with luminous elements that can be used in them.

However, all glass balls can only be set up during the pure garden season (after the ice saints until late summer), because they often break quickly in high frost temperatures. Important: even in the event of storms and hail, they must be protected immediately.

Model No. 2 - clay garden balls:

Many clay garden balls are real works of art, are often even made by hand and thus decorate the garden beds in a special way. But there are even simpler variants available in garden centers, which you can also purchase more cheaply. And you can also easily make such a clay ball yourself. You can then let your imagination run wild.

And here too the principle applies that clay cannot withstand frost temperatures or larger hailstones.

Model No. 3 - plastic garden balls:

The plastic garden balls, which are often also available in hardware stores (or also here), can be described as the most cost-effective variant. They are extremely hard-wearing and can even be left outdoors in the winter months. You can also conjure up a great Christmas decoration in the garden with a plastic ball.

In addition, plastic balls are also very easy to clean, they are available in many sizes and, due to their coating, are well suited to still keep the birds away from the garden fruits in the summer months.

Model No. 4 - natural stone garden balls:

Garden balls made of natural stone, mostly shaped from granite or marble, have recently been offered in specialist shops. The natural variety of colors makes every single ball unique!

" Tip:

When purchasing, you should pay attention to high-quality polished surfaces, which ensure that the individual balls are permanently cleaned! Especially since natural stone is extremely durable.

Model No. 5 - stainless steel garden balls:

Garden balls made of stainless steel (e.g. available here) have a particularly elegant effect, as they not only sparkle in the sun, but are also particularly weather-resistant - even on winter days.

" Tip:

Stainless steel balls are often also offered as swimming balls for the garden pond. There they leave a particularly impressive impression, even in dim light.

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