Planting magnolia - step by step instructions

Planting magnolia - step by step instructions

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In spring, magnolias always delight their viewers with an immensely lush bloom. Learn how to plant a magnolia here.

Planting magnolias is easy

Magnolia tree or magnolia tree?

Magnolia has its main flowering period from March to April. While the tulip magnolia blooms from April to May, sometimes even into June. Today, magnolias are available in specialist shops in over 100 relatively robust varieties, either as a tree (sometimes up to 10 meters high and 5.5 meters wide) or as a shrub (up to 3 meters high on average). Which form you ultimately choose is certainly the answer to the choice of location.

Site selection

All magnolia plants prefer a mainly sunny, if possible sheltered location, which can also be located in the south-east or south-west of your garden - which can partially describe the location of the magnolia as partially shaded. Most species love a humus-rich and therefore nutrient-rich soil, which you are welcome to enrich with plenty of peat.

Planting magnolia - step by step instructions

Step 1:
Magnolias are usually offered as bale plants. Once at home, you should first mix the loose soil of the root ball with a special growing soil and peat (keeps the pH of the soil low).

Step 2:
Then you have to prepare a generous excavation site (approx. Double bale size) and pour this well with water.

Step 3:
Now insert the magnolia and pile it up with the previously mixed soil (firmly stand and water again heavily).

"Tip: During the first few days, you have to water the magnolia vigorously to ensure that it roots in the new location.

Late summer / autumn (up to a maximum of mid-October) and early spring (up to a maximum of April) are considered the optimal planting times for all deciduous trees.

Another reading tip: cut magnolia