Darken the greenhouse - how it works

Darken the greenhouse - how it works

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The greenhouse should also get shade

A greenhouse is a really great thing. If it gets too much sun, you should darken your greenhouse.

Choose your location wisely
If you have a greenhouse, you may have noticed that some plants stop growing, the fruit no longer grows, or the leaves turn red. These are unmistakable signs that the plants are getting too much sun. When planning the location, you should make sure that the greenhouse is not exposed to blazing sun all day, but is also darkened by the shade of trees or the house.

Use mats made of plastic or cane
If this cannot be guaranteed, you have to use other means. Mats made of plastic or cane have proven themselves here. These mats have special brackets that can be attached to the sloping roof glasses. Make sure that the fabric is not too dark, otherwise too little light can enter. Orange or white are best suited. Due to the shading, the air in the greenhouse does not heat up too much. However, you should ensure adequate ventilation.


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