Bromeliad - tropical star for your own four walls

Bromeliad - tropical star for your own four walls

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Bromeliads are beautiful

Not everyone wants standard plants in the garden and in the house. After all, there are also many tropical stars such as the bromeliad.

Tropical stars for your own four walls
Lush flowering plants are not only beautiful to look at outside in the garden and on the terrace or on the balcony, you can also add flowers to the apartment and the conservatory. So you get a good mood in the house. There are many possibilities, but how about a tropical star like the bromeliad? This colorful plant comes from South America and increasingly enriches your own four walls with its wonderful colors.

By the way: The pineapple also belongs to the bromeliads, which have beautiful and above all delicious fruits, but no colorful flowers. So you should stick to varieties like Guzmania, Tillandsia and Aechmea.

Bromeliads are fairly undemanding
Bromeliads like to stand in the sun. Water is poured over the existing flower funnel. Otherwise, the bromeliad is very undemanding. You also don't mind different air humidity. Since it comes from the tropics, it is used to extremes. Turn your home into a sea of ​​colors and try something different. It will be worth it!