Brown tips on the Japanese maple - what does that mean?

Brown tips on the Japanese maple - what does that mean?

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The Japanese maple is very demanding

The maple can also be affected by diseases from time to time. What do e.g. brown tips on the maple?

The Japanese maple comes from Asia
The Japanese maple has been moving into our gardens for several years. It is very beautiful to look at, its deep red color in autumn is particularly pretty and its growth is very compact. It originally comes from Asia and is used there in the typical Japanese gardens. But also increasingly in our gardens.

Very demanding: the fan maple
But the Japanese maple is also demanding. So you have to pay attention to some things so that it does not break. It gets brown leaf tips particularly often. The exact cause has not yet been clearly clarified. However, it is suspected that a fungus is responsible here that the leaves wither and individual branches die off. Often even the whole tree is affected.

Caring for the maple properly
So that the Japanese maple does not even get brown tips, you should plant the tree protected from the wind and also ensure that it does not stand in the blazing sun. He doesn't like waterlogging at all, instead he loves humus-rich and well-drained soil. Do not plant the tree too deep, as it does not like it that much either.