Vine diseases - 3 diseases

Vine diseases - 3 diseases

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Check the vines regularly

There are three stubborn diseases on vines in particular that can ruin a harvest. You can find out which three diseases of grapevines are here.

Check grapevines regularly
So that the following diseases do not break out in your vines and accordingly nothing else happens, you should check the vines regularly. Here are the three most common vine diseases.

Vine diseases - 3 diseases

  1. Red burner: This disease is first shown on the leaves - by stains. These turn red in the case of red varieties, and light green to yellow in the case of white varieties. Affected areas eventually turn brown and dry up.
  2. Powdery mildew: The white, mealy coating is evident both on the leaves (top and bottom) and on the fruit. Leaves eventually fall off, the fruits dry up. The fruits burst open and the seeds are exposed.
  3. Downy mildew: Yellow, translucent spots form on the leaves, which eventually turn brown. The leaf dies. In addition, a white mushroom lawn appears on the undersides of the leaves. And the grapes can also be affected by the mold.

In all three cases, the branches should be thinned out to allow more light and air. In the case of infestation, you cannot avoid means such as fungus-free. Ask about this in the specialist shop.