Use gabions as a screen

Use gabions as a screen

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Gabions fit in any environment

Everyone who owns a garden will sooner or later also want to have an appropriate privacy screen. How about if you use gabions as a screen.

Gabions fit in any environment
Of course there are many possibilities to put on a privacy screen. If you want to plant a hedge, it takes many years until the protection is as you imagined it. If you take climbing plants, they often grow quickly, but they either have to grow again every year or they grow uncontrollably over time. A wooden fence is not always so beautiful and does not appeal to everyone. Then there would be the so-called gabions, which fit into any environment as a screen and which can be erected quickly.

Gabions don't need a foundation
Gabions are lattice frames that are filled with stones. You have probably seen something like this before. These gabions were originally used for embankments in road traffic, but now they can be found more and more in our gardens. The advantage: You don't need a foundation and you can set it up in the smallest of frames. The perfect privacy screen for every garden.


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