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Flax privacy screen - how to care for it properly

Flax privacy screen - how to care for it properly

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Flax offers optimal privacy

You don't just want privacy protection in the garden, it can also be installed in the winter garden. Just build a flax privacy screen. Nobody can look through that.

Flax can grow up to 3 meters high
A privacy screen is actually used to prevent prying eyes from outside. Sometimes it is also used as a room divider. New Zealand flax is very suitable for this because it is very robust and very easy to maintain. It also grows like grass, very close together. It can grow up to three meters high, is evergreen and is available in several colors. From green to yellow to different shades of red.

Caring for flax
The flax doesn't mind high temperature differences, only it shouldn't get frost. Otherwise, you should fertilize it every two weeks in spring and summer and water it regularly, although short dry periods are also not a problem. From spring to autumn, you can also put the flax on the terrace and use it as a quick privacy screen. Warning: If it is already very large and bushy, there could be a little problem with the transport. In order not to damage it, you should therefore leave it in place.


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