Draw jewelry lilies yourself

Draw jewelry lilies yourself

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Jewelry lilies are a real eye-catcher

If you have decorative lilies in the garden, you can count yourself lucky because, as the name suggests, these wonderful flowers are a real ornament in every bed. If you don't get enough of it, instead of buying expensive specimens, you can also raise youngsters yourself.

And that's how it works:

  1. Cut the flowers off at the beginning of September, because then the seeds will be ready for harvest. Pluck them off and put them in a bowl. You can recognize the seeds by the fact that they are long and black.
  2. Now prepare a bowl of growing soil. Spread the still fresh seeds (do not let them dry) over the seed bowl and cover them only with a very thin layer of soil.
  3. You should now place the bowl in a bright place where the temperature should be above 15 degrees. A winter garden would be ideal. Now patience is the order of the day. If the plantlets are five centimeters tall, then you have to plant them separately.

Don't give up, because jewelry lilies take five years to bloom for the first time.