Pests in cherries - 2 tips

Pests in cherries - 2 tips

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What to do about pests

Cherries in your own garden are wonderful to look at in spring with their wonderful cherry blossoms, and are particularly welcome in summer with delicious fruits. So that it stays that way, here are our tips if you want Pests in the cherries spread out.

  1. So the infestation with tip drought, a fungus, can be found especially in sour cherries. The pathogens penetrate the wood through flowering and damage flowers, leaves and shoots. Here up to ten centimeters should be cut into the healthy wood and the shoots should be disposed of separately. If fruit is already infected, this is expressed in a white mold covering. These fruits like to fall to the ground on their own. However, they should be picked up there immediately to prevent spreading.
  2. Another pest in cherries is the aphid, which sucks the leaves. These dry up and curl up. Honeydew nests there and glues everything. Here too, you should generously cut the affected areas, which is on the floor, immediately remove them.


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