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Thuja turns brown - 2 tips

Thuja turns brown - 2 tips

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A soil fungus is to blame

There are many hedges and also very easy to care for. One plant that is particularly suitable here is the thuja, which is also called the false cypress. But it is not uncommon to see them Thuja brown becomes.

It is single, planted as a bush, as decorative as in the row as a hedge. Within a few years it has grown large and dense and offers perfect privacy. But hobby gardeners sometimes have the problem that individual thuja turn brown and die.

The cause here is usually not the plant itself, but a soil fungus. Which means that the other plants are also at risk. That's why you can't avoid two steps:

  1. First, remove the diseased plants completely
  2. Second, remove as much soil as possible.

Be careful not to damage the roots of the neighboring plants. To fill the gap, it is advisable to plant container plants in which the roots are not damaged as in root products. So mushrooms that are still in the ground have less attack surface.

Tip: The infested Thuja and the earth under no circumstances on the compost to dispose!


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