Salting in the greenhouse - How to save your plants

Unprofessional nutrients are often responsible for over-salting or salinization in the greenhouse. We explain what to do now.

Avoid over-salting Different factors are responsible for over-salting or salinization in the greenhouse. On the one hand, there are high amounts of fertilizer that are used by the owner for the optimal growth of the plants. On the other hand, it is the water flow that pulls up from the greenhouse floor. In the field, the salts are simply washed out by rain, this natural method does not work in the greenhouse.

Salts start to bloom

You can recognize over-salting of the soil by the fact that a layer that shows a yellowish-white color forms on the earth's crumb and sometimes becomes so intense that the visual impression arises that the soil has been limed.

Definition of salinization
increased deposition of salts on the soil surface

Remove the top layer of soil

The risk can be eliminated by lifting the top layer of soil to a thickness of approximately two centimeters. A large part of the excess salts is removed in this way. Now, however, it is necessary to equalize the water supply in the greenhouse and therefore to pour vigorously several times at shorter intervals.