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Cultivating sweet corn - how it's done

Cultivating sweet corn - how it's done

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Sweet corn is really something delicious. And you don't even have to buy it. You can also grow sweet corn yourself. Read how to do it here.

Children love sweet corn

Sweet corn, often referred to as sweet corn, is one of the most popular vegetables even for children and can also be easily grown in your own garden. An extension in the garden bed is just as possible as in tubs on terraces and balconies. You should try this and then simply put it on the grill or cook. It tastes wonderful and is even a real treat for children.

By the way:

German farmers plant very little sweet corn in their fields, which is why most of the corn cobs from the supermarket come from foreign crops.

Cultivation of sweet corn

All maize varieties love a sunny, preferably sheltered location with nutrient-rich soil. If you enrich the soil with plenty of compost in autumn (incorporate it loosely), you will have a positive influence on the corn harvest from the start. However, do not select a location with permanent waterlogging or on a slope.

In principle, you can spread the corn kernels outdoors from May, because then the floors have usually warmed up a bit. Wet and cold soils would cause the maize seeds to rot quickly. Press the individual grains into the ground with the tip downwards about 5 centimeters.

On top of that, getting the corn plants on the windowsill gives you a head start. This is already possible from March / April. The plantlets can then be moved outdoors with a planting distance of around 40 centimeters after the ice saints, or they can be placed in larger containers and also placed outdoors.

" Tip:

No matter which type of cultivation you choose: for good growth, it is helpful to pre-soak the seeds in lukewarm water for around 10 hours.

Caring for sweet corn properly

You now have to water the sweetcorn regularly, but only sparingly - during longer dry periods or on hot days, several times a day. In addition, you should support it with fertilization during its growth, which can also be done with nettle slurry or horn shavings.

" Tip:

Spread a layer of mulch between the corn plants, e.g. from straw or a cut grass, this optimally stores the moisture in the soil.

Harvest and use

The corn cobs can usually be harvested from the end of July - usually about 3 weeks after flowering. You can recognize an optimal maturity of the sweet corn by its whiskers, which are located on the piston. As soon as these begin to turn brownish and slowly dry out, the maize is ready for harvest.

It is important that you process the corn cobs immediately after harvesting. To do this, defoliate the flasks, then boil in hot water for about 20 minutes, take them out again, season with salt and, if necessary, pour hot butter over them.

" Tip:

Corn cobs that are not used immediately should be stored in a cool place after harvesting to keep them fresh for at least a few more hours. Alternatively, you can preserve the vegetables by boiling them and then freezing them.

Seed production

If you would like to grow sweet corn in the garden again in the coming year, you should let many pistons ripen longer until the bracts turn completely brown. Then cut the pistons and hang them up in a dry, warm room. After a few weeks, you can then rub off the individual corn kernels and continue drying until they become dark yellow in color.