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Winter garden in May - 3 tasks

Winter garden in May - 3 tasks If you have a winter garden, then you know that there are also some jobs to be done. Find out what there is to do in the conservatory in May here. Winter garden in May - 3 tasks As in the garden and in the greenhouse, there is always a lot of work to do in the winter garden.
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Bedding plants

Cutting forsythia properly - Here's how!

The bloom of forsythia is always on the previous year's shoots. Therefore, the shrub should be cut every year in spring after flowering. Forsythia basically bloom on the shoots of the previous year. Therefore a pruning is necessary in spring after the pile. We know and love forsythia (forsythia), strewn with yellow flowers, bushy and expansive growing. This flowering shrub is known to many garden fans as gold bell or lilac.
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Mulching strawberries - 4 tips

Do not mulch strawberries during flowering Tasty fruits in the garden remain strawberries. They are loved by everyone, are easy to care for and taste just as delicious from the bush as on a cake or as a fruit salad. Easy care doesn't mean that you don't have to worry about your strawberries.
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Home & garden

Liverwort - tips from cultivation to harvest

Liverwort is under nature protection and may not be collected. But the flower can be planted in your own garden. Read here what you should consider. Liver flowers usually bloom blue The mostly blue blooming liver flowers (now and then also white and pink flowers) belong to the easy-care medicinal herb family and can be easily planted in partial shade.
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Tips & Tricks

Crocuses that bloom in autumn - the saffron crocus

Crocuses only bloom in spring - wrong! There are also varieties that stick their heads out of the ground in autumn. This includes, for example, the saffron crocus. In almost every garden, mostly on the meadows, in spring, often even in winter, they are one of the first harbingers of spring to stick their heads out of the ground.
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