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Avoid weeds - 3 effective tips

The issue of weed control plays an important role for gardeners every year. There are ways to prevent weeds from growing. Here are 3 tips. Every hobby gardener knows the problem of weed growth, which can be found in flower beds, on the lawn and in joints between spring and autumn.
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Garden Tips

Protect young vegetables from pests

Spring is also the time when vegetables are sown. At least when it comes to cabbage, leeks and also radishes. And then it is important to protect the young vegetables from pests. Leek moth and vegetable flies are to blame. Leek moths and vegetable flies are the culprits. These nest in the still young vegetables and eat cavities in them.
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Ideas & inspiration

Plant and maintain rotten tree - this is how it's done

If you are a fan of natural remedies, you should plant a rotten tree. We'll tell you how to do this and what special medical effects it has here. The putrid bark has a healing effect As its name suggests, the putrid tree native to Europe (partly also in Asia) has an intense scent in the bark area, which is only perceived by people in the immediate vicinity of the shrub.
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Home & garden

Planting ginger - growing zingiber made easy

If you want to plant ginger, you only need a few accessories. Only a little patience is required when growing ginger, with our instructions it works! Where and how does ginger grow? Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is known to us as a very digestible and above all healthy tuber.
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